Our 2014 Annual Reader Bar and Club Awards was a grueling competition, readers cast votes like fierce bidders at a racehorse auction, until only one clear out-the-gate winner remained. In our category Best Sports Bar unreserved public loyalty carried Paddy O’Shea’s across the finish line to once again claim the number one title. We asked Paddy's management a couple of questions regarding victory chants, the World Cup, and Paddy's back-to-back victory.

If Paddy could play a sport, what would he play?
Having once qualified to represent China in the swamp football World Cup here in Beijing, Paddy may consider a future in this sport. However, as he's a bit of a dick, Paddy would probably be best off sticking to sports that don't involve teams. If I was Paddy's father I would probably encourage him to get stuck into ballet or the shot put as they provide great discipline for his development in future life.

Why do people keep coming to Paddy's for their sport fix after all these years?
My immediate reaction is to suggest our elaborate Michelin star cuisine, and the fact that it's a great place to meet and take girls. On the sports viewing side of business, I think it really helps having managers and staff who are passionate (kind of) about sport, and also the TV's and beer etc. probably help for the repeat customers out there.

Most sports teams have a chant associated with them, what does Paddy's chant go like?
Basically it would be the theme tune for the TV show Home and Away but we would replace the 'home and away' song part with Paddy O Shea's. For those not familiar with this Grammy nominated tune, we could also be really imaginative and say something that 100 percent of Chinese fans use when supporting their teams, and say 'Paddy O'Shea's, jia you' over and over and over again. This would really make us special.

Who is Paddy supporting at the coming World Cup in Brazil?
As we watch English teams play every week during the premiership season, we'd like to see them do well, and also when they do get knocked out we will also enjoying watching the grown men cry on national television. Also, we'll be cheering on the USA team cos their fans have low expectations, but they sure do enjoy the hell out of a good old game of soccerball.

And the Mexicans – their fans always put on a good show.

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Photo: CRI

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