From June 6 to June 30, Dashilar will come alive with the Dashilar Bazaar, hosting activities and exhibitions throughout the area. If you'd been planning a trip to Dashilar but haven't found a reason to make it down yet, here's your chance.

The aim of the month is to promote awareness of brands and stores in the area, as well as its involvement in Beijing's art and design sphere. Special exhibitions will be held across stores throughout Yangmeizhu (see our past article on the area for more information on the regular activities in Dashilar).

Ubi Gallery, for example, is home to Japanese ceramics and silicon objects from Song Xinzi between June 4 and June 30, who turns complex structures and patterns into colorful jewelry and objects.

Tan'er Hutong 40 is looking like an especially interesting destination, with a photograph exhibition about the Himalayas between June 28 and July 27, and the Living Project between June 18 and 19.

Yangmeizhu Xiejie 97 and Yangmeizhu Xiejie 85 will have shops for the duration of the dates specified in the table below, selling books, children's clothes, arts and crafts, ceramics, and more. 

Other participating locations with special exhibitions and store selections are as follows:

Area Opening Time
Yangmeizhu Xiejie 85 June 1-30 (every weekend)
Yangmeizhu Xiejie 97 (east) June 1-July 5 (every day)
Yangmeizhu Xiejie 97 (west) June 1-30 (every weekend)
Tan'er Hutong 40 June 18-19, June 25-26
Tan'er Hutong 40  June 30-July 31 (every Friday-Sunday)
Cha'er Hutong 8 June 1-30 (every weekend)

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Photo: courtesy of Ubi Gallery

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