As you may or may not know dinosaurs in China are huge. Not only did they unearth the largest feathered dinosaur ever in the ancient lake beds of Liaoning Province but also China is home to the paleontologist, Xu Xing, who has personally named more dinosaurs than any other person alive today. Billions are invested to learn more about these extinct creatures and if they could be genetically rebuilt, like in that silly book by Michael Crichton, you know it wouldn’t be unlikely that we would soon find them in a nice Sichuan-style hotpot.

With all of this in mind, a new dinosaur themed attraction named Ancient Exploration has opened up at Shijingshan Amusement Park. Apparently their slogan is “Disney is too far to go, please come to Shijingshan.” Not very promising if you ask us. This new dinosaur themed project features 20,000 square meters of jurassic themed attractions that would likely be labeled as a tourist trap in any other city on the planet.

On the premises, you can observe life size models of 60 different dinosaurs in their fabricated natural habitats and dramatized by the addition of man-made fog for dramatic effect. In addition to this, they have virtual reality and interactive attractions so that you can experience the dangers of being alive during this ancient moment in time.

You would think with all of the discoveries that abound in China and that are unearthed on a pretty steady basis that these fossils would also be featured instead of just plastic models. That would be preferable wouldn’t it? But there just so happens to be a theme park boom here in China, so we can probably expect a bunch of unnecessary tourist attractions, in addition to imports like Shanghai’s Disney and Beijing’s Universal Studios, to pop up in the coming years. Shijingshan might just need to take another look at that slogan.

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