So now you know how to watch HBO’s Game Of Thrones legally for a mere RMB 10 per month, but maybe you’re not willing to shell out for a Xiaomi box or grapple with the finicky instructions to get it done.

Fear not, for there are plenty of venues in Beijing where you can watch all the drama, intrigue, and nudity of the cable hit while drinking like a Lannister.

Ron Mexico has at least two screenings, at 8:30 and 9:30 every Monday night. They also have a Tyrion Lannister drink special (free flow wine for RMB 100). The TV viewing area only seats 16 though, so getting a chair may prove harder than securing a seat on the Iron Throne.

Caravan shows the previous week’s episode at 9pm followed by the latest episode at 10pm, every Monday night. They promise happy hour prices on wine by the glass, 20 percent off wine bottles, plus special GoT-themed cocktails. Up to 50 people can watch the drama unfold on a three-metre projector screen.

North Capital also shows the previous episode at 8pm followed by the latest episode at 9pm. Their seating capacity is up to 30 people.

4corners shows the latest episode right after their pop-quiz at around 10-10:30pm on Tuesday nights. Up to 30 people can watch in the back room, but they can project the action onto another screen in the adjoining room if necessary.

Let us know in the comments below if there are other venues playing GoT (or anything for that matter).

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