High temperatures are known for bringing along high-energy parties, which means that this weekend should be one to savor. Whether you like to rock out to punk, lose yourself in techno, or are just satisfied to scoff down a deep-dish pizza, don't spend your weekend inside crippled by severe FOMO!

May 19: Jing-A Beer Launch/Punk-Metalcore Night 
Jing-A launch their latest beer at School Bar (Gaigekaifang, a triple IPA clocking in at 12 percent) with a punk-metalcore night, featuring four local bands: Skin Bad, The Last Resort, Final Impact, and Goodbye Sunset. RMB 40. 9pm. School Bar

May 20: Space/Play Committee Presents Acronym 
Not much is publicly known about Acronym, who takes the stage at Lantern this weekend, but the Stockholm-based producer has left a trail of distinctive techno over the last few years. His tracks are deep and mind-bending, bringing him releases on the highly regarded label Northern Electronics. RMB 60. 10pm. Lantern

May 20: Antidote Presents Franz Underwear (pictured at top)
Franz Underwear, the head of Italian, Berlin-based dance label Slow Motion, brings his infectious moody Italo disco back to Dada. Expect a retro-future sound that unites people on the dancefloor. Last year his show clocked in at six hours long, which seemingly wasn't enough as he went on to request an afterparty. RMB 60. 10pm. Dada

May 21: Rager at Ramo
Ramo and Rager Pie team up to bring you a fun day filled with deep dish pizza pies and coffee cocktails. Yes, pizza pies and coffee cocktails! Rounded off with 90s music by DJ Cad73, the teams request that you to don your best high school outfit to fit the mood.

May 21: Cellar Door Turns Four
Cellar Door, "a most sacred and venerable Fangjia Hutong guzzling establishment," turns four this Saturday and invites you to celebrate the modest space's ongoing delivery of great bottles, down-to-earth atmosphere, and strong tune selection with a drink, or two, or who's counting? Expect the festivities to continue until the neighbors complain.

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