Erica Huang, who we know from the Farm to Neighbors farmers' market, is kicking off the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution in Beijing as its ambassador, and is looking for people passionate about the cause to step up and help out.

When asked what the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution means to Huang, she told us the following:

"Changing people’s conception and habits on eating is very challenging, but it is now crucial to our own human and the environment‘s wellbeing. I face these challenges when I am organizing Farm to Neighbors farmers’ market, sometimes it seems no use to encourage people to eat healthier and socially more responsible when we are faced with large corporations and government policies that just don’t support this way. When I saw that Jamie Oliver, a world-famous and influential chef, was going into the most unhealthy schools in the US and UK to change their children’s lunch menu, and was faced with enormous challenges, it was so inspiring to me! The schools, in the beginning, did not want to cooperate with him and gave him a really hard time, the kids just wanted to drink sugary milk and didn't want to eat vegetables and fruits. It seemed impossible to change the status quo, but he just kept pushing on. And in the end he succeeded!

So, if you asked what JOFR means for me personally, it is encouragement that nothing is impossible and people’s conception and eating habits can be changed. We just need to show them how through education and keeping spreading the awareness."

That's why, on Thursday May 19, Huang invites those who are passionate in making a change in Beijing to join her for dinner at Obentos' The Grand Summit location and discuss as well as brainstorm how to keep the Food Revolution alive.

To sign up, add Huang on WeChat (WeChat ID: 18600116714), and answer four questions: 1) What do you do? 2) How many years have you lived in Beijing? 3) Tell me one simple idea that would push the Food Revolution forward in Beijing. 4) How you would like to contribute in resource of in effort to make this idea come to reality. 

Only a limited amount of seats are available for this first dinner, so please be patient in waiting for a response from Huang.

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