Every year, the Beijing International Festival Chorus (IFC) invites you into the British Ambassador's Residence to listen to their madrigals, all for charity. This year is no different, with the event taking place on Saturday, May 21, between 5.30-9.30pm, in support of New Hope Foundation.

New Hope Foundation is an organization that provides care and medical treatment for babies with surgically correctable deformities. They have facilities in Beijing and Henan province, caring for a total of 300 children. Your ticket price of RMB 300 will go a long way towards helping New Hope Foundation maintaining these numbers, and, of course, the event is also pretty fun. 

Her majesty's lawn, sown using only the finest pure British grass seeds, we assume, is the perfect place to bring a picnic, and enjoy your Saturday afternoon.

We spoke to the choir about what to expect, musically. "Lots of lovely tunes from the place that gave us Broadway and Disney films in the second part of our concert. I’ve also kept a “Chinese corner” – my musical equivalent of the “English corner” much beloved by universities here in the 1980s and 1990s (for those who remember that far back).  For those with that sort of bent, there’s even a song about a train" artistic director Nicholas Smith says.

To get tickets, click here.

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