Yet another great event to add to our summer calendars, 8-Bit brings us 8-Bit Unplugged, an afternoon barbecue, acoustic musical performances, poets, and storytellers.

The evening will feature Tavey Lean from Tavey Lean and the Solid Gold Dream Machine, Nathan Borofka from Nathario Bros and Remedios The Beauty, Dan Taylor (pictured at top) from The Harridans, Liane Halton from SEED and Su & The Paramecia, Matthew Byrne and other Spittoon representatives, and Sven and his merry men of storytellers. Just so us ordinary non-rock and rollers don't feel left out, anyone with a musical instrument is welcome to join in. 

The festivities kick off at 2pm, and will run until 6pm. 8-Bit's regular food menu will also be available throughout the evening. What's there to be glum about with such a strong lineup? Nothing apparently, which is why Daniel Rothwell (of the Solid Gold Dream Machine) will also be on hand with free positivity prints – all they'll cost is a high five, a smile, and a photo.

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