When he's not busy winning awards, organizing his own music festival, or working as the chief technology officer of True Run Media, the parent company of this fine website (there's your disclosure notice), Badr Benjelloun may very well be hanging out at 2 Kolegas. As that venue prepares to celebrate its ninth anniversary Friday night (tonight), Benjelloun posts a photo essay on his music site BeijingDaze to bring its history to life.

"It’s a story of amazing people from all over the world coming together and calling this dive hole home. Calling this dive hole the most comfortable place in Beijing!" he writes, and illustrates, in photos.

Read the post and see all the pictures here. The anniversary party starts at 9pm. 2 Kolegas will also host the final installment of dazeFEAST on June 14.

Photo: Badr Benjelloun/BeijingDaze

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