Despite its status as a megacity, Beijing is still one of Asia's best bases for exploration, with some of the continent's remaining unspoiled areas a short plane flight away.

Tuesday night's presentation by Karina Moriton will highlight her work in three of those places: Bhutan, Mongolia, and Myanmar. In this lecture, Moriton from the Panoramic Team will narrate a photographic journey with anecdotes and insights from the film, documentary and fashion shoots that she has arranged in these countries.

Over the last decade the Panoramic team have provided media production services for a vast range of film, TV, commercial and press shoots in Mongolia, Bhutan and Burma (Myanmar). They have worked with both large corporations such as BBC, ITV, Sky, Condé Nast, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The Telegraph, LIFE, The Sunday Times, and small independent companies. Each and every one of these productions has been thrillingly different from the last.

The event begins at 8pm on Tuesday, May 10. Tickets are RMB 40 for Bookworm members, RMB 50 for the general public. For more information, click here.

Photo courtesy of the organizer

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