Much of the rest of the world will celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, May 8, but the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK, or North Korea) will continue a historic Party Congress being held in Pyongyang.

While North Korea’s rocket launches get all the news, a growing group of locals is hoping to launch startups instead — and working on business ideas that can succeed in this extremely challenging environment. Choson Exchange supports them with hands-on trainings in entrepreneurship, finance, policy, and law. Join this talk for an inside account of how life is changing in the DPRK.

Nils Weisensee is head of operations at Choson Exchange, a Singapore-based non-profit that brings foreign professionals to the DPRK to host business workshops for North Koreans. He obtained his B.A. in political science and journalism from Hamline University in Minnesota, and his M.A. in political science and media studies from the University of Trier in Germany.

Weisensee's talk will be held Sunday, May 8 from 4-5:30pm at Capital M. Tickets are RMB 75 and include one drink, or coffee or tea. Click here for more information.


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