Earlier this month, users of travel review site TripAdvisor voted Beijing the fourth-best city in the world in its 2014 Travellers' Choice Destination Awards. This week, TripAdvisor's World City Survey named Beijing the second-worst city in the world for friendly locals, best taxi service, and friendliest taxi drivers.

If only we could take issue with those results. Luckily pollution was not one of the categories voted on by the 54,000 travelers who participated in the survey. Beijing failed to place in top three for any of the categories, which also included cleanest streets, ease of getting around, and comfort of traveling alone.

Beijingers can feel the cushion of Muscovites breaking their fall: only Moscow was worse in the same categories where Beijing was found wanting, and the Russian capital was voted worst in five categories, the most of any city. Topping the list was Tokyo. That should go down well here. Especially among Beijing's friendly local taxi drivers.

Photo: China.org

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