In March, our readers voted for the Beijinger’s 2016 Reader Restaurant Awards. Llet’s take a closer look at the winners.

Mr. Shi's Dumplings (above) got the most votes, with three outlets, including their Sanlitun branch that just celebrated their first anniversary in April,. They also revamped their menu, adding 40 to 50 new dishes, such as spicy green beans, kung pao chicken and grilled fish. We love the pork with leeks and fried cheese dumplings. I like to bring friends here, the pages and pages of dumpling fillings always surprises them. The decoration is down-to-earth, with tons of graffiti on the walls.

The Outstanding Awards went to Baoyuan Dumplings, Country Kitchen at Rosewood Hotel Beijing, and Xian Lao Man.

Baoyuan Dumplings is a favorite dumpling place for me too. They are famous for their different colored dumplings. The colors come from dough that gets its pigment from different vegetables, such as spinach, carrot, blueberry, and grape. They also serve family-style dishes. The cold wucai eggplant is worth a try.

Country Kitchen at Rosewood Hotel Beijing not only has outstanding dumping, but offers Beijing duck, noodles, as well as soup of black chicken and yam, in a sophisticated, five-star environment.

Xian Lao Man is another down-to-earth place. This Beijing chain restaurant with six branches serves up dumplings, men ding rou bing (doornail meat pies) ,and homestyle dishes such as kung pao chicken.

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