The Carsick Cars will be having a gigantic show this Friday (May 23) at Workers Gymnasium. The new series featuring these local rock idols, is titled New Flowers in Full Blossom. China Daily reports that this new traveling concert series, created by Rockforward Entertainment, will bring seven indie acts to the iconic venue, including singer-songwriter Hao Yun and rock band Escape Plan.

Carsick Cars have already toured the world, becoming quite popular abroad and have been instrumental in developing the current sense of intrigue towards the musical happenings of China. This new series of shows is attempting to bring these developing acts to stadium level venues across China, and allowing them to reach the popularity they deserve at home.

These opportunities usually present themselves when large music companies realize that there's money to be made from these important emerging artists. It will probably lack the vinegar of their more grass roots shows at the mid size venues, but the press that goes along with these large venue tours is never a bad thing. Who knows, maybe this will put their foot in the door for the 2015 CCTV Spring Gala, which is obviously the pinnacle of any young musician's career. Let's hope they are all still Jenny from the block by the time they roll back into town.


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