The Beijinger 2014 Reader Bar & Club Awards party was a crowning of the best bars and clubs the city has to offer, but it also served as a coronation for a selection of the personalities that make your nights out in Beijing so damn enjoyable. One such award identified who you consider to be the Personality of the Year in the nightlife landscape.

You voted Dave Bob Gaspar, the hirsute proprietor of Shuangjing stronghold The Brick, to be named Personality of the Year. But what of the nearly men? Even in a close run race there are runners up, and we wanted the thoughts from the 2014 runners-up. Below Badr Benjelloun, of Cu Ju, gives us his thoughts on being named Outstanding Personality of the Year.

Why do you suppose people voted for you as a best personality in the recent Reader Bar & Club Awards?
You'd be surprised at what people can do when given a steady diet of roast lamb, ice-cold rum shots and chocolate brownies. Forget torture or blackmail, that stuff is real!

Where would you say winning this award ranks on your list of achievements?
It makes all that money I spend on 3G data for Twitter, Facebook and Weixin updates absolutely worth it. I'm really happy with this wording, it sounds better than "media whore."

What do you say to people who voted for the other guy in the best personality category?
You must have missed out on some rum, lamb and brownies. You've got 12 months to come and try them out! In the meantime, I'm gonna work on my moustache waxing skills.

Which personality trait of yours do you think wins most people over?
My generosity ... with rum, lamb and brownies.

Anything else you'd like to say to your public?
Don't worry, my head can't get any bigger. I already wear an XL sized helmet.

Find a full list of the Beijinger 2014 Reader Bar & Club Award winners here.

Disclosure: Badr Benjelloun is the CTO of True Run Media, the parent company of the Beijinger and

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