In December we initially blogged about Beijing's famed mansion for mayhem and cheap clothes, the Zoo Market, would be relocated to an undisclosed location. Then we discovered it would be heading to Langfang in Hebei Province before the Xicheng local authorities denied the move and People's Daily seemingly confirmed once again that it was inevitable.
Now it appears that the Zoo Market is not the only victim to Beijing's new development plan, with eight more wholesale markets now due to depart from Dahongmen, Fengtai District, directly south and central of Line 10’s southern ring.

According to, the markets – which predominantly deal in clothes, shoes, fabrics and small commodities – are being kicked out of Beijing’s 'downtown' area to reduce population density and traffic congestion and have been deemed inconsistent with the functions of the country’s capital by Chen Gang, vice mayor of Beijing.
The article goes onto say that a study by the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences determined that of Beijing’s vast population, 11.6 percent of workers are involved in wholesale and retailing businesses, so it is no wonder the markets are being targeted to relieve strain on infrastructure.
How such an attack on what makes Beijing affordable to so many has yet to be seen.

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