It’s important to undertake one application at a time en route to your eventual right of abode in Hong Kong

Bridging the PR gap via IANG


Hi. I need to extend my IANG visa by the end of July. As of the second week in September I will have been in Hong Kong for 7 years, thus eligible for permanent residency.

I currently do not have a employer sponsor. In negotiating an employment contract (I’m a consultant with no desire to start my own firm) it may be favourable to have a a contract term of 59 days, excluding my potential employer from needing to start an MPF account.

However, would Immigration look unfavourably on that contract term of less than one full year?  I basically need an IANG visa for the “gap weeks” of August 2014 and first week of September 2014 as well as employment sponsor.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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