Commuters of the city: plan your mobile banquets now! Chinese sources report that authorities have decided to cancel plans to officially ban eating on the subway after concluding that enforcing such a ban would be, well, virtually impossible.

The city originally decided to ban snacking out in the city's tunnels in March, but now that they realize that enforcement is impossible, they are furiously backpedaling.

That's not to say that eating on the subway will be encouraged: officials suggest that they will include the "ban" in a commuter's handbook on appropriate subway safety and behavior (and we all know that every commuter keeps their trusty handbook on them at all times).

In the mean time, commuters can either rejoice by carrying on their favorite foods or lament the fact that your next trip on the subway is all that more likely to be marked by stepping on an errant discarded sausage end or an expectorated bit of chicken foot cartilage.

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