Good news, Beijingers! Aside from all the other many benefits of living in Beijing, the city was just found to be less expensive for dating than Shanghai, Hong Kong, and a host of other major international cities, according to Deutsche Bank's Cheap Date Index.

The Cheap Date Index is basically a more romantic version of a scale harnessed by The Economist to measure costs in a city via the price of a McDonald's Big Mac, but also considers "the cost of cab rides (we still want to be semi-classy after all), McDonald's burgers, soft drinks, two movie tickets, and a couple of beers in each of the cities," our friends at Shanghaiist pointed out.

The date uses New York prices as its baseline, and compares other cities to that standard. The same night out costs USD 93 in New York, USD 61 in Shanghai, USD 60 in Hong Kong, and only USD 53 in Beijing. The most expensive city in the world for the date is London, for USD 121. Cheapskates will enjoy the price (and air quality) of New Delhi, where the whole night only costs USD 25.

If all of that still sounds like too much for some, McD's at Taikoo Li and some cheap beers at Nanjie is an alternative, just remember this: sex is (usually) still free.

Photo: lessonsfromhappyhour

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