Sing it with me: Baby, baby, it’s a wild world. And by world, I mean Beijing. First there was a horse being chased by a dog being chased by a pony-tailed maverick as reported on Beijing Cream and then there was this …

Shanghai Daily reports that on Tuesday evening, a feathered velociraptor ostrich ran down a road in the Changying area of Beijing until it was finally chased down by policemen and led safely back home by its owner.

If you were in any doubt, here’s another really close-up and kinetic shot of the ostrich in question:

And if you need further proof, or just really like ostriches, click here for Guangming Online’s frontal cortex-destroying looped clip of the event. Over and over and over. It is the home of ideology and culture after all.

Remember animals, before you do anything rash, if you wanna leave, take good care, I hope you have a lot of nice things to wear, but then a lot of things turn bad out there. Especially on the streets of Beijing.

Photo: Guangming Online

Visit the original source and full text: the Beijinger Blog