New anti-terrorism forces have been deployed to Beijing streets in the wake of terrorist attacks in Kunming and Guangzhou, including 150 Humvee-like vehicles.

Even Beijing was a target of a terrorist act in 2013, and after a series of knife attacks at major train stations in other parts of China, municipal officials are taking no chances in the capital. The new units operate on the "double three" principle: each unit covers no more than a three-kilometer stretch of road, and can reach the site of any incident in three minutes or fewer, according to the Beijing Times.

Each unit includes nine officers and four assistants. About 500 kilometers of Beijing's 21,000-kilometer road network will be covered, the newspaper said, primarily areas near the center of the city.

Beijingers were rattled by two terrorist incidents in 2013. The first, on July 20, saw a small bomb detonated by a disabled and disgruntled worker at Beijing Capital International Airport, with no injuries other than the perpetrator, Ji Zhongxing, who was later sentenced to seven years for the act. On October 28, an apparent suicide car bomb exploded in Tiananmen Square, killing five people and injuring 38.

Photo: Sina

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