I promise Talking Travel will get off Hong Kong as a topic ... as soon as there isn't anything more to write about it.

Conclusion on last week's red-eye flight: I would avoid doing it again if at all possible. A long night of travel was followed by a long night of, um, reading and prayer, and it affected the rest of the trip. It's convenient and relatively inexpensive, but again, the wear and tear may be a bit much, depending on the traveler's schedule later that day. Along with the Dragonair flight, Hong Kong Airlines also has a red-eye, departing at 1.45 am and arriving about three hours later.

Now for some real deals. Cathay Pacific Airlines is offering flights from Beijing to Hong Kong leaving June 3 (red-eye) and returning June 5, for just over RMB 2,000. That's a good price for non-stop to Hong Kong. Book it now if you're going to do it. Monday night we looked at Hong Kong fares, and Hong Kong Airlines was offernig RMB 2,200 roundtrip, but that fare has now gone up to RMB 2,800.

For people with friends in Hong Kong that might want to visit Beijing between October 8, 2014 and January 28, 2015, Hong Kong Airlines is offering a "Fly Smarter" deal for as little as HKD 650 each way for 45-day advance purchase, purchased between now and December 14, 2014. See the whole deal here.

That's it for this edition. On Thursday I'll tell you all about the new menu that Cathay Pacific and Dragonair are introducing. Until then, one road flat safe.

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