After a new government initiative to wage war on erotic content in the mainland, through the "Cleaning the Web 2014" campaign, tech companies are hiring thousands of young people to sniff out content of a sexual nature.

As long as you are of a solid character, and you don't mind exposing yourself to shocking images of men and women in underwear or, God forbid, fully nude then you are up for consideration. Sounds like a fun job.  It takes a person of strong moral fiber take to tackle such a huge war on illicit content.

So far, over 110 websites and 3,300 Chinese social networking accounts have been deleted. Uploading pornography to the web can lead up to three years in prison, and if you have made over $40,000 from sexual material, it's possible that you could be sent to jail for life

We are constantly only a couple clicks away from steamy content, and we can all sleep a little safer knowing that these content hounds are watching out for our mental health. These public servents are sitting tirelessly in a cubicle looking out for seductive sleeveless t-shirts, provocative shorts and bikinis, and sensual displays of affection between animated characters. The job is open to men and women, ages 20-35, located in Beijing, and will be generously compensated with an annual salary of $32,000. Outta here.

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