The final FEAST: annual music party/barbecue/lovefest dazeFEAST will convene for the last time June 14 at 2 Kolegas, organizer Badr Benjelloun posted Friday on his Facebook profile.

But why, why, why no more FEAST?

"It's very prophetic to have so many fours associated with this event: the fourth feast, the 14th day, 2014, and so on," Benjelloun said. "Also, I'm just not finding any new bands worth helping right now, nothing good or new has come out since Residence A and Jiu Bao. I don't want this to become some lame old thing. The whole point was to help bands I was really excited about, which I still do, just not through dazeFEAST. It's a good time to let this one go out on top, gracefully."

Founder of the live music and nightlife blog BeijingDaze, Benjelloun first organized the dazeFEAST in 2011. As many as 40 bands have performed during a single event, with live acts still playing in the wee hours of the morning.

Benjelloun made the announcement under the banner, "All Messy Things Must Come to an End," with the body text reading, "We're making one last stand and burrying [sic] this baby upside down, so the whole world can kiss its ass goodbye!"

The initial line-up for the event includes the Randy Abel Stable, the only band to play all four Feasts; Devils @ The Crossroad; Bad Mamasan; The Beijing Dead; Chicago Blues Brothers; Mademoiselle et Son Orchestre; Jordan Thomas Mitchell; The Hutong Yellow Weasels; Capoeira (Brazilian dance/martial arts); and Residence A. More will certainly be added.

Disclosure: Badr Benjelloun is the CTO of True Run Media, the parent company of the Beijinger and

Photo: Badr Benjelloun

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