UPDATE: As of May 8, 3pm things are still up in the air as to where INTRO 2014 will actually be held as officials at Shougang have now deemed the site unfit for the festival, for unspecified reasons. The search continues. Watch this space as we learn more.


We received notice late last night that INTRO will be in new surroundings for the 2014 edition. Well, almost. The dance bonanza will still take place at Capital Steel Factory but at a different area of the site called Shougang Ertong Industrial Site.

Organizers have been plagued by uncertainty of where they can hold their event over the years, but have settled on the venue for this year's outing on Saturday May 24 with an impressive 16 days until kick-off this time around.


It’s so hard to find a good venue for INTRO every year, but we just confirmed the new venue – Shougang Ertong Industrial Site. But it’s worth the wait. 10,000sqm open air grass plaza, with an industrial style building around it. INTRO 2014’s electronic beats will ignite and unite over 10,000 like-minded hearts and souls, sending twice as many arms and legs into a dancing frenzy.

INTRO, or "Ideas Need To Reach Out," features the cream of the local turntable (read: laptop) talent and this year's techno/house extravaganza will feature Kristian Zinnack, Dave K, Juliana Lima, X.L.F.+1van, Ou Yang, Huang Weiwei, Nee Bing, Yang Bing, Elvis.T, Diva Li, Mickey Zhang, Weng Weng, Blackie, Oshi, Donkey Tonk, Kay C, Yauman, Clir, Chole, Floood, Howie Li, Shackup, Vurado Bokoda with MCs Crash and Bloodzboi.

INTRO 2014 starts at 2pm and runs until 11pm. Tickets will set you back RMB 180 or RMB 240 at various points in advance. On the door it's RMB 300.

Photos: Nick Richards, Organizers

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