January in Beijing isn't exactly the most merrymaking time of the year. Many of us pessimists see it as a month of bitter cold; failed goals, in the form of short-lived New Year's resolutions; frozen phlegm; and of course the drudgery of post-holiday blues. But like the Roman god Janus (with its double-faced head), we're all capable of turning away from that perspective, choosing instead to be optimists in the depths of winter. I, for one, refuse to let the cold weather dictate my social life. That's why I'm planning to mingle with like-minded individuals at a wine socializer this Friday, January 15th, at Temple Restaurant Beijing's (TRB) Copper.

The event, organized by both INN (International Newcomers Network) and PFG (Premium Finance Group), promises to be an excellent networking opportunity in a relaxed setting. Drink fantastic TRB wines (100 RMB for three glasses) while nibbling on some haute canapés. The venue, Copper, definitely has some uniqueness to it; with its name paying homage to its past. The only drawback, its location can be a bit tricky to find, so hopefully this map of Nafu Hutong will help guide you.

The event starts at 7pm; to register, please go here.

Photos: WINEMEBLOG, TRB Copper

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