X-Nights is at it again with its third and final display of non-mainstream music this Saturday (May 10), at Yugong Yishan. This time, featuring the crazy cool, Sexy Sushi, currently one of France's most popular and provocative bands. 

This duo bleeds synth punk and has the scars to prove it. They will be supported by local favorite Snapline and French/Italian duo Hong Haier. Tickets are RMB 150, and get them quick because this will be the wildest concert of the year. 

Next up, first he was trouble, then he was convicted and later he was free. Now AKON is Beijing-bound and will perform at Workers Stadium on June 28. He was originally supposed to perform on January 17, but after a litany of cancellation rumors, and back and forth confirmations that the show would go on, it was finally postponed for non-disclosed reasons. Sorry, blame it on AKON.

The folks from FakeMusicMedia were pleased to inform us that the brilliant party girls from CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) are playing at Tango 3F on June 28. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, you probably know them from their songs being fashionably jammed at clubs and hip department stores the world over. Their New Rave stylings are sure to keep the fiesta hot hot hot this summer.

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Photos: achomoderno, musique

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