I got this email in from a website visitor yesterday about “Immigration Officers repeatedly stopping my girlfriend” when she arrives at Hong Kong airport. This is often the case in specific circumstances so I am grateful for the opportunity to address the matter in this short question and answer post.

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Immigration Officers Repeatedly Stopping My Girlfriend – What Can We Do?

So, my girlfriend, a frequent visitor from the Philippines, experiences frequent stops and intimidation from Immigration Officers at the airport when she comes to visit me and constantly faces undue scrutiny and harassment. I think the Immigration Officers should have better training and education, including cultural sensitivity training to help them understand and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of the people they encounter.  Immigration Officrs should be educated on the importance of treating all visitors with respect and dignity, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity. What can we do about Immigration Officers repeatedly stopping my girlfriend? To say we’re fed up is an understatement.


Immigration Officers Repeatedly Stopping My Girlfriend – What Can Be Done …

Based on the information you have provided, it appears that your girlfriend is not being targeted specifically.

The Hong Kong Immigration Department has certain controls in place for visitors from certain countries, including the Philippines, and may undertake secondary inspections for certain individuals, particularly single females of a certain age range.

To help facilitate her entry into Hong Kong, you can prepare a letter addressed to the Immigration Department explaining that she is visiting you, your residence status in Hong Kong, and that you will be responsible for her during her stay.

She can present this along with her passport upon arrival.

You can also include a copy of your ID card, employment contract, bank statements, and residential tenancy agreement, as well as your mobile phone number for the officer to confirm the veracity of the letter.

In the letter, you can also include a statement that she will leave Hong Kong within the 14-day limit of stay.

Make sure also that she has a return ticket with a confirmed reservation.

Immigration Officers Repeatedly Stopping My Girlfriend – Demonstrate Her Visitor Bona Fides …

This will help the Immigration Department validate her bona fides as a visitor to Hong Kong.

Immigration Officers Repeatedly Stopping My Girlfriend – They Don’t Want the Hassle Either …

It’s important to understand that this is a routine process to validate visitors’ intentions, and arming yourself with the necessary documents can help make the process smoother for your girlfriend.

The trick is to enable the examining Immigration Officer to assess her bona fides quickly and easily, in the process establishing a recrord of ‘trouble free visits’.

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