Despite rumors on Chinese social media purporting to share the password for the Beijing Subway's WIFI network, no such network exists  nor are there plans for one in the near future, representatives of the subway system indicated.

After an alleged password was circulated via the usual suspects of China's social media scene, journalists at Beijing Morning Post decided to give it a whirl, testing the password on networks found (if any) on Lines 10, 2, 1 and 4. The password did not work on any of the networks the journalist picked up a signal for.

The Beijing Subway has been addressing rumors of a secret WIFI network since at least 2009, but according to representatives, no such network has ever been installed. In fact, the network's official Weibo account posted a message recently to say that WIFI has not been considered due to possible conflicts with the subway's internal wireless communications and control systems.

Meanwhile, the subway system has been grappling with more social media-based rumors as a picture of a woman with an infant begging on Line 10 went viral and nosy WeChatters speculated that the baby was too fair skinned to be the natural offspring of the mom and thus must be part of a kidnapping ring.

This forced the Ministry of Public Security into action, who rounded up four begging moms with infants from the subway system (including the one in question) and subjected them to DNA testing, which revealed a blood relation between each mother-infant pair, thus ruling out a kidnapping ring. Someone call Oprah.

On other other bad news for the subway system, an above-ground portion of new track on Line 4 in Fengtai District currently undergoing testing suffered a derailment over the May Day holiday, causing damage to the trains but no casualties or disruptions of regular service, news reports indicate.

Finally, one piece of good subway-related news: An American tourist that was seriously injured in a fall at Yonganli station in February penned a thank-you letter to the subway staff, who he credits with saving his life. "They are like beautiful angels sent to the Earth by God. With their love, they warm us and they warm Beijing," the report quotes the American as writing. The article goes on to point out that Beijing subway staff receive first aid training every year and that each station is equipped with emergency medical kits. Seriously, someone call Oprah.

Images: China Daily, ECNS

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