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Flamme is in the running for Best Happy Hour, and recently, they just welcomed a new bar manager from Australia, Isaac, so I headed over to the Sanlitun branch to see what he was all about. He is due to introduce what can only be akin to that DIY / salad bar philosophy that took off in the US in the seventies: a medicinal-themed cocktail-making kit for RMB 70.

Don't worry, though, you won't be expected to do much else than pour pre-prepared liquids and, as Isaac hopes, channel a little imagination. It's also helpful to have the ability to judge amounts – and let's just say, chemistry class wasn't my forte.

If you're like me, then I suggest going all in or risk a not-so-balanced drink. Pour in the rum, the pineapple juice and liquor, and top it off with bitters-infused soda water. Finally, break apart the pills over the ice for a surprise.

Isaac errs on sweet concoctions, so be wary if you're looking for a drink that tastes more complex. However, fun experimentation could be just the thing that would put Flamme in the running if we had a category in the Reader Bar and Club Awards for "Most Creative." Look for this and the full summer menu in mid-May.

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Photos: Jessica Rapp

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