Baijiulato is back! And so is baijiulato in a bao!

Gelato fans in Stockholm will again have a special treat for World Baijiu Day as Ludvig Saaf from Lu Spirits teams up with gelato chain StikkiNikki to marry baijiu and gelato and thus create baijiulato. This is now an annual tradition that dates to 2018 and has featured light, strong and sauce baijiu styles paired with fruits, spices and more.

Last year, the guys took things up a notch by serving baijiulato in a bao, the steamed bread widely popular in baijiu’s homeland of China.

Check it out, and meet Ludvig Saaf, after lunch on August 6 in the Stikki Nikki store in Old Town. And expect a few other activities for World Baijiu Day as Saaf has done everything from partnering with bars on cocktails to holding a baijiu and Chinese food banquet with the Chinese drinking culture society Jiuxian.

Also check out this “Confessions of a Baijiu Drinker” Q&A I did with Saaf.

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