Internships for foreign national students seeking experience in Hong Kong are getting ever more popular…

Can I get an intern visa for Hong Kong?



Our company is trying to hire an intern on a short 3-6 months internship.

He holds a British passport.

If he meets all the criteria on the Hong Kong Immigration Website, will there be any chance he will still be rejected for the visa?

On top of it, the government requires the sponsoring company to be a well-established company, capable of providing the proposed training, how can we prove that when we apply for him?

Do you have any tips on helping an intern apply for a training visa successfully?

Many thanks.

Documents Referenced in the PodCast Answer & Needed for an Intern (Training) Visa Application

The Applicant

Application form ID992A

Copy of applicant passport bio details pages

Passport size photograph

Updated CV

Personal bank statement

School Transcript of Academic records

Supporting letter issued by the school printed on school letterhead

The Engaging Sponsor

Sponsorship Application form ID992B

Signed Internship Agreement

Copy of Business Registration Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation

Latest Audited Financial Statement

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