If Migas is known for one thing, it's their rooftop in the summertime (just opened this weekend), the parties that last until well into the morning and watching the daybreak light pour onto the buildings of Sanlitun. But they have much more going on beyond hazy memories of long nights. The same energy you'll see on the dance floor vibrates through their kitchen where the chefs always seem to be embarking on some new project – one of the most recent, a series of cooking and pastry classes.

You know they're a curious bunch from their Aula OiLab, a dedicated space for idea creation and recipe testing. The room has a full kitchen which can be also used for private dinners, or in this case, classes. With an eye towards eventually expanding their offerings, Migas has just launched two master classes (pastry and mixology).

The pastry class is led by Pastry Chef Pol Anter with partner-in-crime, Creative Chef Aleix Jorba. It's probably worth the price to hang out with this charismatic dream team for three hours, even before you factor in the massive amounts of sugar, butter and heavy cream you get to inhale throughout the class.

I imagine it would be difficult to structure a one-off class on a topic as expansive as pastry. They've chosen to walk through five recipes from the Spanish and French canon of desserts which include Magdalenas (Madeleines), pastry puffs, flan (coffee, chocolate and vanilla), Catalan cream, and mousse (chocolate and yogurt). The range of recipes provides a good balance between covering the basics, but also allowing for a certain degree of creativity. Interested in mastering the classic lemon-vanilla taste of a Madeleine? Do it. But if that sounds boring and you'd rather get some orange and chilli up in there, Anter and Jorba will support you all the way. The recipes are also complimentary – pastry puffs can be filled with mousse at the end of the class.

Migas has done a great job at ensuring that the whole process is incredibly smooth. Ingredients are pre-portioned out and recipe books with a space for notes are provided.

The lesson is a mix of hands-on and demonstrative, depending on the recipe and stove-top availability, though consumption of the desserts at the end is entirely hands-on. Anter certainly has a wealth of knowledge about pastry, and you should pick up some good tips along the way. If you're looking for a Saturday afternoon alternative to day drinking or lazing around in the park, this is an excellent choice.

Classes are offered weekly on Saturdays (from 3.30pm for roughly three hours) and are limited at six to eight people per class. The price is RMB 500 per person and includes instruction, five desserts and some swag (a slick Migas tote bag, a recipe book and a box of pastries to take home). Call 5208 6061 to book.

Migas is also one of the many contenders in our 11th Annual Reader Bar and Club Awards. If you haven't already, head on over to our voting page to post your ballot!

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