Every month we tally the hits from our blog and bring you the most viewed posts from our website. In April we saw fires, sinkholes, conspiracy theories, pollution news (surprise!), ice cream battles and FBI spy videos. Well, what are you waiting for? Catch up with everything you missed and more in preparation for May's mayhem!

The 2014 A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index, a measurement used to evaluate a city’s global influence, ranked Beijing eighth in the world. The top spots went to New York, London, and Paris. It was the first time Beijing has appeared in the top ten. Every two years the GCI ranks countries based on their global engagement in business, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience and political engagement.
On April 3, five fire department teams and 18 engines responded to a restaurant fire. No injuries were reported, but several restaurants were gutted by the flames. The blaze originated at 45 Di’anmen Xi Dajie across from Houhai on the south side of the street. 

Huge Sinkhole Emerges Near Shuangjing
A huge sinkhole emerged near Shuangjing on Friday, April 4, leaving a crater measuring 20sqm and shutting down traffic on Guangqu Lu. The hole, estimated to be 10m deep, is along the construction route for Line 7 of the Beijing Subway and close to the busy Carrefour and B&Q stores east of Shuangjing.

Chinese Tourist, Hotel Employee Kidnapped By Gunmen in East Malaysia
On April 2, a group of armed men arrived by boat, and captured hotel guest Gao Huayun and a Filipino staff member from a diving resort on the island of Borneo in East Malaysia, according to The South China Morning Post. The kidnappers are demanding an 11.3 million USD ransom for the safe return of the 28-year-old Chinese national.

Beijing’s pollution hasn’t gotten worse over the last five years, that’s according to analysis of five years of US Embassy data released by The Wall Street Journal. The average reading of PM 2.5 for the total period from 2008 until now is 100. That level is still four to six times higher than levels considered normal.
Even if it were intended as an April Fool's Day post, it's not funny. A post on a little-known website called Conservative Read claimed that it had obtained a selfie of former Beijing expat and missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 passenger Philip Wood.
Zoo Wholesale Market Moving: Hurry Up (or Visit It in Hebei Province)
Bargain lovers, take note. Since blogging in December that the Zoo Market would be relocating to an undetermined location, the new home of high-octane, sweat-drenched, profanity-laden shopping has been named as Langfang – not in suburban Beijing but located, in fact, in Hebei Province.
Godiva vs. McDonald's Soft-Serve Smackdown
An almost life-sized ad for a Godiva Chocolate Soft-Serve cone in Taikoo Li Sanlitun caught my attention, and, intrigued, thought it with trying in the service of our esteemed readership. But first, I had to choose a worthy opponent. And quick to offend my nostrils was the scent of mass-produced hamburgers from the basement of said Sanlitun venue: McDonald's. A smackdown was born.
Weixin You Were Here: Ten WeChat Accounts We Think You Should Follow
If you haven't jumped on the WeChat/Weixin bandwagon yet, now would be good time to start. Not only can you get weekly venue and event recommendations from the Beijinger's editors, you can get access to a range of updates from bars, clubs, restaurants and shops around the city.
Ordering In: A Guide to Beijing's Delivery Network
To remind you of the wide variety of delivery services we have at our disposal in Beijing, please enjoy this list we have compiled below to help you choose where and what you can order in your area.
Peking Man: Who Owns The Restaurant?
The woman at the table next to me was shouting at the restaurant owner’s wife. By the time I tuned in, the argument was well underway. “Why not? I’m a paying customer,” the woman shrieked. “You’ve had too much already,” the wife responded. Click to find out how the woman fares.

Totally Baked: Where to Get Ovens and More in Beijing
While the usual suspects for foreign groceries around town do carry whole vanilla beans, baking powder, cupcake tins, parchment paper and even the odd hand-mixer, the offerings can be hit-and-miss. Read on to delve deeper into the world of baking in Beijing.
Dog Days Are Coming: Prepare For 2014 Registration Period
It is that time of year again when all dog owners will need to register or renew the licenses for their dogs. And after last year’s heavy-handed crackdown, dog owners shouldn’t be leaving anything to chance.
Don't Become a Spy ... or Speak Bad Chinese
In the wake of the arrest and conviction of American student Glenn Shriver for attempting to get hired by US intelligence services in order to pass secrets to Chinese intelligence operatives, the FBI is trying to alert students that they may be targets for recruitment while studying abroad.
Fix Your Email and Other Beijinger Updates
New rules and regulations for the Beijinger website are coming into effect. Click to see what you may need to do to ensure the best web experience for yourself.
See the Most Beautiful Map of Beijing's Subway Produced So Far
The Beijing Subway is not usually considered one of the world's most attractive transportation systems. Moscow's is elaborate, Paris's a gallery of styles, Beijing's is, uhhh. But now, thanks to a Paris-based architect and cartographer, at least there's a beautiful representation of it.

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