Is China declaring war on stupid American sitcoms like Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, and NCIS? It is strange that they would be removed rather than the violent and sexually explicit shows that run rampant on many streaming sites. I guess I am cool with that though.

Well, this new stratagem isn't completely about censorship. It has been rumored that the Big Bang Theory is gearing up to be presented on CCTV, complete with Chinese dubbing and explicit humor tastefully removed.

The reality is these shows were likely removed to help with the lagging revenues of CCTV, whose programming can't keep up with the vast amount of original content available on sites like Sohu and Youku. Many fans of Big Bang Theory are convinced that the dubbing and censoring of the show will dampen its comedic flow, rendering it useless for the sense of escapism we require when lazying in front of the boob tube. I'm happy as long as they keep their grubby hands off Hannibal!

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