We love invitations to events and we receive our share of ones that occasionally seem strange, but we were intrigued by the one we got from The Opposite House Tuesday afternoon.

"May The Force Be With You – The Opposite House Presents Star Wars International Day," reads the subject line. The Sanlitun Swire venue will hold two separate events on Saturday, May 3: one at Village Cafe from 4:30-6pm, to launch its new kids' menu and provide photo opportunities with Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and Rebels; and 8pm-late "Jedi Hour" promising "galactic drinks and space snacks" at Mesh, which is nominated for six 2014 Beijinger Reader Bar and Club Awards and was 2009's Bar of the Year.

We expect the galactic drinks will make the Darth Vader photo opp quite a bit more interesting.

Star Wars Day is actually celebrated on May 4 ("May the Fourth" is a semi-pun supposed to sound like "May the Force"), but since our goofy holiday schedule mandates everyone back to work as punishment for having International Labor Day off, May 3 somehow makes more sense. This is actually the second year in a row The Opposite House is holding Skywalker-themed events.

Insert your Star Wars cliche here.

More straightforward, Home Plate Bar-B-Que is having a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday, the day of the race's running, except it's 12 hours before the actual event starts in the US. No matter, there will still be mint juleps and Kentucky Ale beers for RMB 30 each. And they're off!

Photo: OnePlusInfinity

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