Ever have an elegant meal at the Beijinger's 2014 Reader Restaurant Awards Restaurant of the Year (Non-Chinese, Fine Dining) TRB Temple Restaurant Beijing (TRB) and thought, "I wish I could buy a t-shirt?" Well, your prayers have been answered.

TRB and Plastered T-shirts collaborated on the "Hu Tong Rocket Boy" design. Found hanging on a cave wall in Shanxi, Hu Tong Rocket Boy, "is an embodiment of aspiration and optimism, a spokesperson for the harmonious marriage between traditional Chinese heritage and Western science," TRB said in unveiling the image.

"This crossover in fact started off as a natural extension of my admiration for Dom[inic Johnson-Hill, founder and creative director of Plastered T-shirts) and what he has achieved with Plastered," said Ignace Lecleir, owner of TRB and one of the Beijinger's 20 Most Interesting People in 2013. "Once we decided to team up, then I simply leave Dominic to use his creativity to do what he does best and the result – the Hu Tong Rocket Boy – is something that both of us believe can portray the characters of TRB and Plastered 8’s rather well: a positive and optimistic attitude, forward-looking and not taking ourselves too seriously."

"TRB is an awesome brand and developing the art for them was great fun, TRB have a fun playful side to them and they grew out of the hutongs like Plastered so we have tones in common and that's what Ignace wanted me to portray," Johnson-Hill said.

Lecleir said the Hu Tong Rocket Boy design would become both a drink coaster and a t-shirt. Plastered's apparel has recently clothed diverse personalities including City of London Mayor Boris Johnson and Japanese former adult entertainment star Sola Aoi.

Photo: TRB Temple Restaurant Beijing

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