This Saturday is the second installation of X-Nights Festival, featuring some of the best avant-garde acts from China, and Europe. Below, we profile a couple of the acts performing as well as bring you other recent music news.

This week we have the pleasure of Xiao He and Matthieu Ha. These intensely prolific musicians evolved respectively in the Chinese and European underground scenes, and are for one night only joining their unique frenzied styles of music to create an evening of masterful avant-garde music. This exclusive concert is not to be missed as it will be Xiao He's first and only time on the Beijing stage for the year of the horse. Let me rephrase. It's one for the history books, kind of like when the Sex Pistols played in Manchester and spawned a furious movement of innovative music beyond belief. Yeah, It will probably be exactly like that. 

He and Ha will also be joined by IZ front man Mamer. Known for his intensely modern approach to Kazakh folk music combined with raw industrial sounds made with recycled objects. Then Mira, a visual artist from Belgium, will be collaborating with these artists by creating ephemereal installations to engage all of your senses for a night of raw experimentation.

Also, tonight at 10pm come check out ODO (Mark Dwinell) at Dada, performing as part of Dada's weekly Raw Meat event. He will be doing some hardware electronic dance music (no laptop) with his primitive synthesizers and drum machines. Known mainly for his work with the group Forma from Brooklyn, this guy is deeply involved in the current wave of analogue techno and deep space electronic music sweeping the planet. Check out his Soundcloud and get tranced out by his beautifully crafted synthetic rhythms from beyond.

Lastly, you've probably heard by now but Justin Bieber made another boo boo in what is shaping up to be just one giant boo boo that is his life. As SCMP reports, this time he stuck his fat ignorant foot into a political snake pit, namely by Instagramming a shot of himself at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan. The shrine a is place of contention in and outside of Japan, particularly/unsurprisingly with China, as it is home to a number of A-class war criminals and represents the Japanese government's unbending stance on its past imperialist aggression. The photos were later taken down, no doubt when his PR company got bored of taking calls. 20-year-old man he is, smartest he is not.

And now, some other musical events worth your time and money:

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