Following on from our blog post last week highlighting 'Beijing's most beautiful' subway map, we have now been graced with 'Beijing's zaniest direct translation with hilarious results' subway map. China Real Time, an online outlet for China related news from The Wall Street Journal used Baidu to find the literal translations of a selection of Beijing subway stops, with some poetic results.

Though they weren't able to translate all 200 stops on the ever-evolving subway system (slackers!), there are still a number to chuckle about. Some of the more notable translations include Cholera Camp, South Gentleman Road, Safe Chastity Gate, Car Man Village, and Salary Uncle. Harrrr, what a crazy world we live in. My personal favorite is Puddle of Accumulated Water. Bet you can't guess where that is.

Stay tuned, as next month Beijing's subway map will be reconstructed out of the tears and broken dreams of its summer commuters. Puddle of Accumulated Water is right.


Visit the original source and full text: the Beijinger Blog