Beijing, you sure can bounce back after a nutty New Year’s Eve – whether yours satisfied your wildest expectations or fell a bit short (ahem, I’m talking to those of you standing in coat check queues around the city when the clock struck midnight), you can be sure Beijing’s bars and clubs will be in full throttle this weekend. Seriously, you’ve had two whole days to recover, so there’s no excuse not to jump on the boat with T-Pain tonight. If you can’t handle the Lonely Island rapper at Vics just yet, there’s always the syrupy James Blunt at the MasterCard Center tomorrow.

Hutong-side, Great Leap Number 6 has been back in business for about a week after the Doujiao location underwent some remodeling. We stopped by to check out it’s new facilities, and happily realized you can chill inside. A few patrons even brought their dogs. Bottled GLB brew is available in limited quantity for RMB 20, so it’s a good time to stop by to check out the atmosphere for yourself.

Here’s a few more dates for the calendar:

Jan 3: LaMarr Irby, creator of The Detroit Series at Migas, is having a birthday. Wish him well by using the well-worn dance floor. DJs Kai and Nassdak will be playing soulful house all night.

Jan 4: 8-Bit has Mario Tennis and RMB 30 cocktails. Need I say more? Nope. …Except that there might be some NBA Jam on the Sega Genesis, aka Mega Drive. Oooo.

Jan 4: Lantern is turning four and celebrating by letting partiers come into their underground electronic music lair for free.

Jan 8: An old Beijing favorite at the end of Sanlitun Bei Lu, Schiller’s, is reopening after renovations headed by Jack Zhou and Ah Jian of First Floor. Zhou has lately been mysteriously rebranding it “Groovy Schiller’s”, so we’re not entirely sure what to expect. My personal hope: a light-up dance floor. If you don’t get a chance to stop by first, we will and let you know all about it.

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Photos: Nick Richards, Migas, playerone.tv.com