Maovember just bought, furnished, and stocked a library with over 1,000 books for the Zhen Hua School for migrant workers, after raising RMB 21,900 in its first year. How's that for an idea that came out of a round of drinks?

Participating businesses contributed 1 mao from purchase of designated items. Organizers also sold pins and t-shirts, and accepted direct donations, all to benefit The Library Project, which in turn provided Zhen Hua with the funds and handled the purchase of the books and library furniture.

"We've done our November charity drive for two years and when I heard about Maovember I was psyched because it was all these small businesses coming together. The Brick's owner Gary also donated rmb1000 of his own money." said Dave Gaspar of The Brick.

"The Irish Volunteer and Hockey Bar partners, staff and friends were extremely proud to be a part of the fundraiser for the Library Project -- especially, launching it as part of an inaugural charity corn hole tournament with our fellow Beijing pub and restaurant owners!  We look forward to many more chances to support worthwhile causes in 2014!" said Trish Smith of The Irish Volunteer.

"Andrew Papas of Two Guys and a Pie deserves special mention for selling something like RMB 5,000 worth of Maovember pins. This guy could sell a beginner's Chinese course to Dashan, a case of skunked Bud Light to Carl Setzer or even a used Hummer to Ines Brunn. He is that good. In fact, if you needed a heart transplant, he'd sell you your own heart by convincing you of how much money you'd save by not even having the operation," said Maovember co-founder, Beijinger contributor and one of Beijing's 20 Most Interesting People for 2013, Jim Boyce.

Photo: Beijing Boyce/Maovember 2013

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