In the run-up to the Beijinger's 2015 Pizza Cup, we are profiling some of the best pies in Beijing so that you, our faithful readers, can try as many as possible before we ask you to make your choice for the best. Today we tell you about the pizzas on offer at Loft Eatalicious, one of the restaurants selling their wares at our two-day pizza festival Oct 17-18 at Galaxy Soho. Benby Chan, the restaurant's founder, tells us about what makes Loft's pies special:

How long have you plied the trade?
Three years

What's your style/pizza philosophy?
To use the best available fresh and healthy ingredients, and make pizza with heart and passion.

In a market crowded with over 100 different pizza shops, what do you do to stand out?
We have a firm commitment to authenticity, and we also focus on innovation and creativity. You will find exactly the same excellent pizza that you could find in Italy at our restaurant. But at the same time you'll also find innovative creations by our talented teams of expatriate and local chefs.

What's your pizza style?

Thick vs Thin: What's your take?
Thick is more American style. At Eatalicious, we go for thin.

What's the secret to your sauce?
Simple: only use the freshest and best available tomatoes with parsley. The best sauce is always simple, fresh and natural.

What kind(s) of cheese do you use and why?
Mozzarella cheese, because it is the most traditional cheese used for pizzas in Italy. It makes our pizzas authentic. We import this mozzarella from the same region in Italy that our tomato sauce is from.

Tell us about your standard pizza.
Name: Margherita                        
Thick or thin crust? Thin and crispy
Type of sauce? Special tomato sauce with parsley
Type(s) of cheese? Mozzarella cheese
What other things make it special? All of our pizzas are hand made with our unique self-invented recipe
How many sizes does it come in? 30cm (RMB65)

Tell us about your most unique pizza.
Name: Eatalicious                        
Thick or thin crust? Thin crust
Type of sauce: Special tomato sauce with parsley
Type(s) of cheese: Mozzarella
What other things make it special? This is our special bigger bigger variety. It comes in four options: Signature Seafood; Four Cheese; Salmon, and the best and most popular of all: Parma Ham. It’s rectangular and larger than our other pizzas and can feed 2-3 people.
How many sizes does it come in? 60 cm (RMB 168)

Images: Loft Eatalicious



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