Did you know that if you lost your sense of smell, you would also lose the ability to taste? Dining isn’t merely a tasty adventure for your mouth, but a synaptic overload involving a combined effort of all senses.

With that in mind, the next time you go out you should remember one of the greatest ways to explore the various nuances of culinary tastes is through a well-structured menu carefully constructed alongside (arguably) the greatest of liquids: wine.

China has recently started to elevate its wine status, and here in Beijing you can take full advantage of this growing wine-and-dine culture by going to the hottest restaurants with the best wine lists as chosen by you in our 11th Annual Reader Restaurant Awards.


Temple Restaurant Beijing


Voting is now open for our 11th Annual Reader Bar & Club Awards! Head on over to tell us where you go for a post-dinner drink.

Photo: Courtesy of Judy Zhou

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