There’s finally something to hula about as Beijing’s Bungalow Tiki premieres its new line of flaming bowl drinks (RMB 150). These communal cocktails are made to get you and your compatriots dangerously sloshed in unity if you don’t immolate yourself in the process.

The Volcano Bowl was originally conceived at Don The Beachcomber’s St. Paul, Minnesota branch in the early 70s and has since become a staple in Tiki bars around the globe. This is probably the first time this classically flamboyant drink has reached China’s red shores.

The Volcano is made with fresh grapefruit juice, demerara and maple syrup, Puerto Rican rum, Jamaican rum, and dark English-style rum. That’s over five ounces of rum to get you slurring your R’s like a pirate in no time, and it serves three people using extra long straws.

Bungalow Tiki had the bowls custom-made in Guangzhou. They hold around 32 ounces of cocktail, and then the central crater is filled with overproof rum and a sugar cube for a burn that lasts over 10 min. They plan to start serving these tropical buckets in October and are also considering serving the equally delicious Leilani’s Volcano in it if a group wants to share a large version of that drink.

Although made for three, Bungalow will not deter any challengers who think they have the moxie conquer this beast of a cocktail on their lonesome. But don't make it habit, as this is the type of drink that after regular consumption ruins marriages, kills livers, and likely turns you into Mr. Hyde. 

Photos: Kipp Whittaker

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