This week is the fourth annual Beijing International Film Festival. With China's emergence as the next key player in the industry, many important  actors, producers, and directors from around the globe are attending to get a piece of the action.  

As the main cinema event in the capital every year, there will be screenings of over 282 films including newly restored versions of James Dean classics like Rebel Without a Cause, Giant, and East of Eden. Director Oliver Stone also made an appearance in a panel discussion along with Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron and Paramount COO Frederick Huntsberry and moderated by the president of China Film Co-production Corporation.

Stone, who has a long involvement with China dating back to the Shanghai Film Festival in 1992, advised those present not to follow in Hollywood's footsteps and that it is essential to retain Chinese elements in order to succeed. He ended up causing quite a stir for reasons that I won't get into, but you can check out his outspoken remarks here. I am sure that many domestic directors would agree that there is a need for less regulation in order to become more influential in the international markets. There's nothing like a foreigner coming to a place and telling a room full of people a load of things that they already know. 

Entertainment events for the week:

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