Dear users 亲爱的用户,

As we get ready to upgrade various elements of the website, we thought it would be a great time to do a bit a spring cleaning. Please read ahead for a list of upcoming changes:


Fix Your Email 修正您的注册邮件:

If your email is on or generally a bouncing fake email address, please change it asap. We are getting a high number of bounces from users with the wrong information. We have a extensive list of the offensive emails and will be blocking those accounts April 30th, 2014. Generally speaking, if you have not received an email from the website in a few months, the email is most likely wrong and you won’t be able to recover your password if lost. Accounts that have not been used since January 1, 2014 will all be deactivated.

 如果您的注册邮箱仍然使用已失效的yahoo.cn域名,或者是其它一些虚假的邮件地址,请尽快更正。鉴于错误的用户信息产生了大量的弹回信件,我们将在2014年4月30号对这些用户进行最终确认,仍未修正个人信息的用户将被封停。正常情况下,如果您已经有数个月未收到网站的邮件,那么您的注册邮箱很可能是错误的,并且您将无法通过它来找回您的用户密码。 另外自2014年1月1日起就未再使用过的用户帐户也将被封停。

Housing Classifieds 房屋类广告:

You, the users, have complained about the unruliness of the classifieds, especially in housing. We’re trying our best to reel in under control and starting this week, we will have a strict limit of 10 housing classifieds per 24 hour period per IP. Anyone that tries to abuse the system will be banned without warning.



And have a nice weekend.

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