We currently have Will and Jada Smith’s little fire cracker Willow, there’s Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, and maybe the less notable Robin and Allan Thicke. In the grand tradition of familiar musical inheritance, the merits of these celebrity broods can sometimes be an iffy thing if you catch my drift. Take it or leave it these famous progeny definitely have an express route to stardom through the initial exploits of their parents.

How many people throughout the course of popular history are actually able to follow in the steps of their parents and create a body of work that’s of similar importance without being a complete joke? I would have to say not that many, but in the case of Faye Wang and Dou Wei’s daughter Dou Jingtong we can only hope that she is more of a Jeff Buckley or Rufus Wainwright than a Kelly Osbourne or god forbid Jacob Dylan. Here is a glimpse at her latest track to hit the airwaves.


It’s not bad, for what it is I guess. Probably more geared towards teenage girls than a late twenty something music snob, but there is a cuteness to it along with a cool kind of masculine/feminine interplay that is creating a bit of a public confusion about her sexual orientation. Though the masses are in support of this possible queer leaning, there has been no confirmation of this on the webisphere. After all she is just teenager, so it’s best to give her a little space to figure it out herself while we enjoy her developing musical talents.

In the video we discovered that she also digs vinyl, which is convenient because this Saturday is Record Store Day! Here is a quick list of stores where you can get your vinyl jollies this weekend.

  • Indie Music: 17 Gulou Xi Dajie
  • Strange Fruit: 33 Qian Liang Hutong
  • Free Sound Records: 40 Di'anmen Xi Dajie
  • Blueline Records: 2-26 Xinjiekou Wai Dajie
  • Rockland/69 Cafe: 109 Nanluoguxiang.
  • 666 Rock Shop: 230-4 Gulou Dong Dajie

Here are some music events this week worth your time and money:

Photo: theworldofchinese

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