On Tuesday the Internet gods and whatever else is up there finally heard our prayers and gave in, as China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) urged telecommunication companies to lower Internet prices, and, drum roll please, elevate connection speeds. Yes!

According to Ecns, these targets need to be met by the end of the year, MIIT's Minister Miao Wei said Tuesday at the opening ceremony of the 2015 China International Information Communication Expo. 

Specific numbers point at an increase of average broadband speed to 20 megabytes per second from the current nine megabytes per second for all municipalities and provincial capitals. As for prices, mobile phone Internet and fixed broadband should be decreased by at least 30 percent when compared to the previous year. 

Well, as with many news stories, we'll believe it when we see some faster fibre-optic awesomeness.

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