This weekend, Swiss-born artist Pascal Yerly presents his latest installation, "Still Movie, Still Moving," at Aux Delices in Shunyi, combining video, photography, and painting.

Even for an artist, Yerly has a unique background. After serving in the Swiss Special Forces, he started his career in Switzerland after earning in 2000 a BFA in Fine Arts from Auburn University in Alabama. Yerly's art has evolved into exploration of techniques and concepts stimulated by cross-cultural exposure. He has used painting, photography, design, 3D, video, sound, and interactive installations over the course of his career. His art articulates itself between experimental and intriguing aesthetics.

"Maybe one day there will be a fervent public conviction that the most deadly sin is the mutilation of the spirit of a child," Yerly once said, prior to an exhibition of work dipslaying different people in that most primal of states, the fetal position.

"Still Movie, Still Moving" opens Friday night and runs through May 23, from 10am to 10pm daily.

Photo: Pascal Yerly

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