Nothing like a government video to provide unintended humor.

In this case, it's the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the wake of the arrest and conviction of American student Glenn Shriver for attempting to get hired by US intelligence services in order to pass secrets to Chinese intelligence operatives, the FBI is trying to alert students that they may be targets for recruitment while studying abroad.

The 28-minute video (28 minutes?) called "Game of Pawns" is based on the Shriver case, and even uses the English name of his contact, "Amanda." The story takes place in Shanghai (you know how it is down there), and so did the Shriver case, but obviously this could happen anywhere. Shriver pled guilty to conspiracy to commit unlawful conveyance of national defense information, and pled guilty. He's still serving out a four-year sentence.

While the matter is serious, the video doesn't succeed in underscoring that message. Aside from being a showcase of bad Mandarin (there's a lot of "nee how ma" and "shay shay"), the film seems more like it was made by Chinese producers who stereotype Americans, than by Americans who end up stereotyping both.

Check it out at on YouTube if you're able. It doesn't appear to be on Youku just yet.

Photo: NY Post

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